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The Black Poodle

Learning about training, grooming, playing and photography with my Black Standard Poodle.

Moved Again!

March 18, 2010

I'm so sorry!!  But I have found that Wordpress is very user friendly and they have a GREAT network, so I've moved my Poodle Blog over there with my Family blog.  I promise this will be the LAST move!!

The Black Poodle

Big Stick, Little Stick

March 18, 2010


I love watching my dogs play together.  With their HUGE size difference it's fun to see how Gentry adapts his play to fit Angus.


Gentry LOVES to play "Stick".  That is when he madly grabs a stick, then dashes around the yard, trying to get Angus interested.  Usually Angus is too busy being Angus, or looking for a b-a-l-l (we have to spell that word around here...) to pay much attention the "Stick".


BUT last night ANGUS initiated the "Stick" game!  He found a stick, just his size, and madly dashed around the yard.  Gentry was so surprised he just stood there for a split second, then raced across the yard and found his stick.  They were so happy racing around bounding and leaping around with sticks in their mouth.  They looked so goofy!


I looked goofy too because I was so happy for Gentry that Angus was playing "Stick" that I ran around the yard, dashing here and there yelling, "Stick!  Get your stick!"

Yep.  It was quite an exciting night here at Ladybug Family.

How old is your dog?

March 16, 2010

I got this on my Dogster account and thought I would share it with you!  This chart shows your dogs actual age and then how old they would be in human years.

Lime Green

March 14, 2010

Yep, it's a beautiful lime green and looks so nice on him, doesn't it!?  He is so proud too.  He just pranced along with me on our walk today.  AND he carried my phone and the poop bags!  (I am really excited that he can carry the poop bags for me.  When they are full, they are just NOT attractive dangling from my finger until I can find a garbage can.  I'm gong to put a plastic grocery store bag in there to tuck the poopy bags in... just in case...)


Onto the pictures!


I like the pose in this one... the houses, not so much...


This one is Rocks my Socks off!!!


And one more... a close up of course!

isn't he so photogenic!?  Angus really is too.  They make photo shoots so much fun :)


March 13, 2010

Today Gentry got a new backpack!  I'm so excited about this and will be sure to post pictures this week of him wearing it.  He looks very handsome in it and seems quite proud to wear it.  I bought his at a local store (local... as in Bozeman) called Bridger Feeds.  I wanted to get it locally so I could try it on him and have him walk around in it.  Just to be sure that I was getting one that was comfortable for him and he would be happy wearing it.  He quite happily went up to people to "show" them his backpack and pranced all over the store.

This is what it looks like....

And this is what Gentry looks like when he is teasing Angus because HE gets to wear a backpack and Angus doesn't...


March 12, 2010

Lately Gentry has been unpredictable when I tell him "with me" (which is my version of come).  Sometimes he comes all wiggly and happy.  And sometimes he looks at me, then turns and runs away.  This is VERY frustrating to me.  I HATE it when a dog runs from me.  It's just as annoying as when you go to catch your horse and it gives you a wild chase before you can get it cornered and caught.  I had one horse like this in my lifetime.  It was enough.  From that time on I worked VERY hard to be sure that my horses came when I called or whistled.  Why doesn't my dog want to come when I call or whistle?


If our dogs are our mirrors, then this is telling me that I am unpredictable.  I am the problem. I know this and honestly it is so exhausting to be constantly trying to change myself, better myself and keep up with the relationships in my life.  Sigh... Obviously there is something going on that I am unaware of those times that I tell him "with me" and he looks at me, then runs.  I NEVER hit my dogs.  I may raise my voice sometimes, but I never strike them.  The treats aren't working any more for Gentry.  He doesn't seem to be food driven all the time.  Just sometimes. It hurts my feelings when he runs from me.  I do know that and I can't let my feelings interfer with my training of him.


I am struggling with some emotional problems at this time and I think that is really affecting my relationship with Gentry.  I know I am unsure of how I am going to react in any given situation.  I don't feel that I am in danger of losing my temper, but I am afraid that I will cry or break down somehow.  That would be my upredictablity. We did have a "training" time the other day where Gentry was on the leash all day, in the house, outside.  I can't let him off leash outside anymore.  It's too dangerous.  If he decides to play his chase game (I NEVER chase after him by the way) he could run out into the road or get in a tangle with another dog.  So he must be on leash all the time.  I think our time together on leash has been positive and I THOUGHT we were getting somewhere.  But this morning I called him over to the other side of Little L's bed to help me wake him up (which we do EVERY morning) and he immediately turned and ran away.  When I told him to sit, he stopped running and sat, but when I walked up to him to help him over to Little L (who is his 2nd favorite person) he got up and ran again.  Grrrrrrrrr....

And when I was at the gym this morning, I parked where I could see him and be BARKED the ENTIRE time I was at the gym... 45 minutes!!  Sigh.  Obviously he is struggling.  He is in the car now, parked out in front of the house.  I'm waiting until he is quiet and calm then I'll go get him.  Maybe we have to work on this at home for awhile...


I WISH someone from the dog training places in Bozeman would get back to me about training lessons.  But they won't.  I email and email and call and call, and no one gets back to me.  Apparently they are swamped.


Funny Photoshoot

March 11, 2010

It snowed yesterday. A Lot. So I took the dogs outside to get some pictures. Here's what I got!

"What did you say?"

"Did you say cookie?"

"I think she said cookie."

"Yep, I heard Cookie alright!"

I thought he was a Poodle, not a Saint Bernard!

Wordless Wednesday

March 10, 2010


March 09, 2010

Both of my dogs are boys.

They both sometimes lift their leg and sometimes squat.

They pee in tandum.  I MUST get a picture of this.

Sometimes one dog is on one side of the bush and the other dog is on the other side of the bush and they lift their leg at the same time and they pee at the same time.  The thing is... Gentry is BIG and Angus is small.  So, I do worry that Gentry will pee on Angus.  So far so good... he hasn't peed on him, but that is just because his aim is really bad.  I mean REALLY bad.  He doesn't even hit the bush.

I know this is my second post about my dog's bodily functions and I'm sorry about that.  It's just so on my mind because I'm always RIGHT THERE when they are going to the bathroom.  I mean I follow them around so I can pick up after them.  I am VERY familar with their bodily functions.

And now you are too.


Bath Time

March 08, 2010

<span style="font-size: medium;">We had a great weekend!  Hubby was home for a visit and we went to Bozeman on Saturday, JUST FOR FUN!  

Included in that fun was a trip to the Puppy Tub.  It's a self serve grooming service.  They also will groom your dog for you, but I wanted to give Gentry a really good bath and dry with an actual DOG dryer, myself.  He was VERY good.  He climbed right up into the tub (with a little encouragement from me...) and stood like a Gentlemen for the bath and drying.  He was all soft and fluffy afterwards, and smelled so clean!

I wish I had taken some pictures, but I didn't take my camera with me.  He was so cute all wet, standing in the bath.

Today I have to clean his ears and do a little ear hair plucking.

Just a fun bath picture...

Our Shorkie, Angus.  He's easy.  I just put him in the sink!


Origin: English


Meaning: Well-born, noble; courteous


Form of: Gentle

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